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The American way

The American wayHowdy to all my American followers, I will be on vacation in the United States between 9-11 and 9-21. Ten erotic days spent exploring the eastern seaboard states of New York, Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and maybe Virginia. I will be gracing the cities of New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh with my presence and may have a trip to the Hudson valley area near Hyde Park which I find Transcending. I will be traveling with my male slave Santino who will be doing the road trip duties taking me on many different highways, interstates and wholesome smaller roads to adventures unbound of normal conventions. My transvestite slave Sandra will also be with us, but she is a quite one, she just loves to dress up, tall about make up and show off when she glammed up.

If any of my minnions would like me to visit them for a session in this period I could arrange to be in your area, and both either Sanino and Sandra would be happy to be included if desired. 




Cross-dressing slaves

Cross-dressing serviceCross-dressing service 

I have a handsome male slave Santino who loves to wear exotic outfits and looks very sexy. He can also switch and become an attractive transvestite slave "Sandra". He wears all underwear make up, high heels, wig, he's or she's got long legs nice tight bum and looks enticing. Under my supervision I can help you share with him or her a unique cross-dressing session supervised by me you can cross-dress with me alone or have a unique sensual experience with my sexy male or TV. I'm an iconic mistress and will assure you satisfaction.

Are you still in the mood for a Bi-experience? Santino is always around during the evenings, ready to give you the ultimate satisfaction in everyway. It will be discreet, welcoming and very sexual, we always create a sensual atmosphere. I wish you well whatever you decide.


Petunia and Sandra

Petunia and SandraMy Temple of Pains and Pleasures opened its doors recently to my special slave "The Professor", --alter ego "Petunia Piglet". He humbly requested that he appear in his T.V. guise. So I dressed him accordingly and thrilled him by pulling on to his legs some fine black tights. Some gentle spanking followed to warm and redden his buttocks. The Professor  had met before my tall angular slave Santino for a session, now he begged to meet Santino's twin sister for some Lesbian play with lady-boy undertones. I redressed the Professor, this time in a g-string and gave him a gentle but prolonged spanking to harden his member, so as to impress Sandra, who soon appeared and sat beside him on the sofa, encouraging the Professor to caress her thighs. However, I ordered the Professor into a side room for a shower, and gently oiled his anus to receive the tubes for an enema. Thus thoroughly cleansed, I inserted a large butt-plug into him and sent him back to Sandra

Back with Sandra his hands moved slowly upwards exploring the mystery of Sandra's  crotch. I could see a bond developing and soon they were on "Route 69" advancing in unison.

Then I ordered the two to stop and put the Professor face down on the table. I removed the butt-plug and, while Sandra watched, gave a full but tender prostate  massage, which brought his limp member into an impressively rigid state. 

All good things must come to an end and we parted with a note in our diaries for another polychromatic session.

Dungeon and Dinner

Dungeon and Dinner

Even a goddess has a birthday, a premiere dominatrix has an official as well as a natural nativity, --  rather like royal personages. So I was in a very benign frame of mind when a thrall of long standing paid me a visit. He was in a frenzy of masochistic excitement both mentally and physically. He was suffering an intense feeling of inadequacy which required an immediate catharsis. As a prelude, I beat his plump buttocks as he squealed and wriggled in that mixture of pleasure and pain, that only a true masochist would understand. Then after many spins on the bondage wheel, he was tightly strapped to the bed, where he witnessed in fantasy a graphic act of cuckoldry.  Santino, my chief priest, played his role to perfection, --  his Apollo like appearance, in contrast to the slave's, fulfilled the scenario dramatically.

After descending from his cloud. my slave was accorded the honour of taking me for a dinner celebration at "The Ivy" in Kensington. It is an elegant and tasteful establishment, most appropriate for the occasion. No need to say more,  my slave  knew my favourite cocktail,  a "Peach Bellini",  and my taste for pink Champagne to wash down a sumptuous meal.  Some ladies on the next table took several photos of us, so all of you, my clients,  may see me in the local paper as well as on the website!  All in all the day was as pleasurable as it was varied.

Crossdressing in Harrods

Crossdressing in HarrodsSometimes my sessions exceed even my expectations, one such exotic encounter with a client who wanted a Transvestite humiliation covenant is example of a homogeneous coming together to create perfect sexual reality out of fantasy. Yes fantasy can become reality given the right people/ circumstances and ambience.

My clients fantasy was to be made up to feel and look like a Woman and then be taken out to Harrods to be humiliated in public. I decided to order my bi-slave Santino to open the door to the client wearing leather trousers, a fishnet top and cowboy boots and his alluring sense of expression, which always entices men. Santino escorted the man into my bedroom where I began the transformation into a Transvestite. The man was slim with long legs and a trim bottom, which made dressing him up quite Fun.

I gave him the works, stockings suspenders, a tight thong that cut into his arse cheeks a corset bra with falsies, a tasteful wig, make up and slinky dress, finishing up with some high heels.

He looked good enough to be a she and he loved admiring himself in my full length mirrors and seemed to believe he was a sexy looking woman, which to me was the whole point, he actually believed this. We went out in a London Taxi who offer the best travel service and are very discreet. Santino came with us pretending to be the TV’S boyfriend adding to the humiliation.

Harrods as always was very crowded but we made our way to the perfumery department where my TV chose from a selection of chanel perfumes where he bought me COCO NOIR CHANEL and for himself CHANEL NO 5, to be honest I am not sure how much humiliation was going on, as the TV was enjoying himself so much with Me and Santino it had turned into a Sensual experience for him.

On our return home we proceeded to my dungeon by now my client was feeling totally like a woman, he had gone into a Sensual Paradise. He wanted to be appreciated by a man so Santino joined us dressed in a Fishnet Body Stocking and my TV’S eyes and cock lit up when he saw Santino.

I was in control and ordered the two of them to tease each other; leading up to oral sex and they both loved sucking each other off, culminating in a beautiful 69.

My client was very happy, he had accepted once and for all being a transvestite was acceptable and it turned bi-sexuality into an exquisite pleasure without the guilt trip.

I look forward to many more exciting experiences like this.

Mistress Tanya of London

Cross Dressing Service

Cross-dressing service

Are you in the mood for a

Come and meet Santino for a unique cross dressing session. Or if you feel more adventurous I will order Santino to become "Sandra" an attractive transvestite.

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