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Welcome to Mistress Tanya of London's free pictures Gallery. A taste of my sensuous and obscure Domination world. Pictures from my private collection showing some of my specialities such as: Strap-on, leg worship, body worship, spanking, canning, tie & tease and ass worship. If you care to see some more of my amazing content including new pictures and videos Join my members section Now!

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Mistress Tanya of London nipple tortureMistress Tanya of London punishing slave Mistress Tanya of London canning slaveMistress Tanya of London leg worshipMistress Tanya of London foot worshipMistress Tanya of London Red CorsetMistress Tanya of London and caneMistress Tanya of London strap-onMistress Tanya of London bodyworshipSensous Mistress Tanya of LondonMistress Tanya of London hourglass figureMistress Tanya of London chained slave181314Mistress Tanya of London Lovely CorsetSlave Leg worshiping Mistress Tanya's of LondonMistress Tanya of London Hour Glass FigureSubmissive slaveLeg worshipBad boy being punished by Mistress Tanya of LondonBottom spankingStrap OnSensuous Mistress Tanya of LondonMistress Tanya of London and Slave ElizabethMistress Tanya and ElizabethMistress Tanya of London and ElizabethSlave on rotating bondage wheelMistress Tanya of London and masked slaveMistress Tanya of London whipping slaveSlave worshipping Mistress Tanya's Body Slave Santino worshiping Mistress Tanya's of London LegSantino worshipping Mistress Tanya's BottomProfessional London DominatrixGoddess Mistress Tanya of London 


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Mistress Tanya of London joins the navyBody worshipSchool Mistess Tanya of LondonSlave worshiping Mistress Tanya bottom




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Mistress_tanya My Highland Fling continues with filming, fun and frolics. Book your #BDSM sessions now for my return in ten days.
Mistress_tanya Yesterday a slave wined/dined me at Ritz natural habitat of a Diva, love waiters with tailed jackets!
Mistress_tanya Christmas Greetings From Your Diva From Lapland
Mistress_tanya It was quite a lively night! #striking lady #teased unmercifully as we slid the ...
Mistress_tanya Looking forward to a 3 hour session with Elizabeth my Submissive Slave and a very special regular client tomorrow Sat
Mistress_tanya Seems that #london's cold is encouraging followers to beg for #footfetish. Happy to report they all leave with a warm
Mistress_tanya My thought of the week Strict #Fetish Legacy that has to be earned in my temple of #BDSM pain
Mistress_tanya Life Changing Experience that unleashed a #BDSM fantasy in my #Londondungeon
Mistress_tanya Nice picture, a wonderful place to be. Safe trip. #Mistress @Mistress_tanya
Mistress_tanya She who thinks #Domination is easy by donning a rubber outfit and being strict is dwelling in
Mistress_tanya My most recent adventure a 2000 miles road trip across #America and #yellowstonepark
Mistress_tanya I posted a new photo to Facebook
Mistress_tanya Nothing on the box these days! not even after Hurricane Bertha, a with M.T. will whip up a #
Mistress_tanya Mistress Tanya of London would like to thank her many followers for their recent interaction, it was lovely to cya
Mistress_tanya I welcome all my slaves, devotees and regulars for a special look at my blog. See you
Mistress_tanya #Germans are Here - Mein Gott! Recently I was contacted by a German lady, very elegant...
Mistress_tanya Absent Minded Professor - “My Professor” recently was very late for an #bdsm appointment...
Mistress_tanya Serving Special BDSM and Fetish sessions.
Mistress_tanya Serving #BDSM & #Trampling before and after the #Wimbledonmatch #Tieandtease breaker optional! Near in Fulham
Mistress_tanya Any for #Tennis? It’s that time of the year again, -- Pimm’s, Strawberries, yes, #Wimbledon2014 .
Mistress_tanya A medical scenario for an American visitor with @Mistress_tanya #bdsm
Mistress_tanya I am just back from an exciting event in the city of Prague...
Mistress_tanya “Please Mistress, take the call”, he said, as evidently he was enjoying his position bending over the bench naked. Th
Mistress_tanya A lot of enquiries for my #strapon service, it is becoming more and more popular. Visit my website.
Mistress_tanya It is always gratifying to see new clients by recommendation, indeed this is becoming a growin
Mistress_tanya A treat from one of my devoted #footfetish slaves. A Nice way to start #easter
Mistress_tanya THE OLD SCHOOL TIE my latest blog at:
Mistress_tanya Picnic in the Park - "Well, it is #spring with lengthening days, blossoms and #sunshine…" read mi most recent blog in
Mistress_tanya Lovely weekend in Devon, now refresh and ready for #BDSM sessions in my #londondungeon
Mistress_tanya My Foot Fetish Dream come True from one of my followers: I Love the feel of nylon on a Women’s legs and the way it...
Mistress_tanya Spring has sprung, the sap is rising, come slaves or be too late for the #Dungeon. I am busy, birthday invites to wine and dine me flood in
Mistress_tanya All say I have dainty feet to support my hour-glass figure. Last night three slaves prostrated themselves to worship them. Don’t fight boys!
Mistress_tanya Drama in my Temple of Pains and Pleasures. A gent indulged fantasies about his wife. A slave and I performed a cuckolding trembling with joy
Mistress_tanya Lucky boys, another treat from your sensuous @Mistress_tanya from
Mistress_tanya All say I have dainty #feet. Last night three #slaves #worship them. London
Mistress_tanya Drama in my #dungeon a #slave indulged #fantasy about his wife. Another #slave and I performed a #cuckolding as he trembled with joy.
Mistress_tanya Excellent #BDSM session in my #londondungeon with a #footfetish #slave who cleaned and painted my beautiful toenails
Mistress_tanya #NewYearsResolution I know that I am the only one who is responsible for my happiness and positive state of mind
Mistress_tanya I had a good pre #NewYear celebration with my loyal #slave in the Goring
Mistress_tanya #Christmas thoughts 2013.Today I choose to rest my mind, nourish my spirit and refresh my
Mistress_tanya Story from a devotee 10, my new blog a lovely american story for #Christmas time
Mistress_tanya I invite you to read my new blog full of #Christmas2013 Spirit I hope you will like it Xx
Mistress_tanya Happy Christmas and best wishes to you all. I look forward to seeing old and new #slaves in the new
Mistress_tanya Exciting #session today,helping a #slave to realise his fantasy that he was a dog being exercised and trained by his #mistress.
Mistress_tanya A small taster of my new pictures, more at my members only section
Mistress_tanya My new blog. Sub for you Mary: The second time I saw @Mistress_tanya was so amazing I thought I must share...
Mistress_tanya Big thanks to #slaves who assisted me making #BDSM film/photo shoot. Contact me
Mistress_tanya London BDSM Professionals in The United Kingdom - Mistress Tanya - Finnish Domina - Eros Guide to London BDSM
Mistress_tanya Numerous requests to attend by my established retinue and from prospective slaves meant that I had to call a prompt halt to more recruitment
Mistress_tanya Mistress Tanya, Nordic London (SW6) Dominatrix
Mistress_tanya It was a success my call for #slaves to join me during my photo shoot and filming the 19th Nov. keep visiting my web
Mistress_tanya Mistress Tanya Photo Shoot - If you would like to take part in my photo shoot, please contact me.
Mistress_tanya Working hard on my next #BDSM film I hope my followers will like it. It'll keep you posted on my site
Mistress_tanya A naughty schoolboy just received a well deserved #spanking over the knee.
Mistress_tanya Why not to go for a medical scenario with #fetishnurse #mistress tanya?
Mistress_tanya Fitness, Food and Flogging with #BDSM #londonmistress Tanya. visit my blog at
Mistress_tanya Tough work out in the gym, the perspiration ran down my cleavage! Lunch @bibendum's, with my micheline man #slave
Mistress_tanya A day of #BDSM #Pleasure with “Mr Softie” & “Mr Tough-Guy”.
Mistress_tanya After a hard spinning session in the Gym, #bondage in my #london #dungeon. contact me to be in his place.
Mistress_tanya I'll teach you some manners #mistress school scenario. come and visit me
Mistress_tanya A little taster of my #strapon training
Mistress_tanya Busy day today it seems slaves are enjoying my #strapon training and #mistress school scenarios. visit for details
Mistress_tanya I'm inviting to to read my most recent blog A letter from America
Mistress_tanya Thanks all the followers for their interest in my recent holiday the photo was taken by a#slave last week on#Miami Beech.
Mistress_tanya #miami relaxing time I had, Now ready for @BDSM sessions. visit my website to book you session
Mistress_tanya Having a wonderful time in #MiamiBeach
Mistress_tanya Nice #BDSM session yesterday, It's pleasent to see how a slave reacts to a #mistress #domination actions
Mistress_tanya Just Finished a 3hr #session making up #TV who looked beautiful with his long hair Now have to pack & am looking forward to my Miami trip.
Mistress_tanya I can't wait for friday to come, by this time I'll be on a plane to #miamiandbeaches
Mistress_tanya Hard 2hour spinning at the gym for charity and for the relaxation I gave one # slave a # spanking and introduced the other to my strap-on
Mistress_tanya New toys and furniture waiting to be used. Anyone?
Mistress_tanya Just received an astonishing call from a guy saying he is part of a cult around my name and my #BDSM #LifeStyle with more that 200 followers
Mistress_tanya A lovely #fetish session I just had in my #BDSM #london #dungeon
Mistress_tanya I will be taking a deserved break in Miami from the 13th of Sep till the 20th of Sep. Hurry up to book your session
Mistress_tanya I can't wait till the end of the next week to have a proper summer break in #Miami , If you are planning to visit me, better hurry up
Mistress_tanya Naughty thoughts going through my mind right now, I'll have a lot of fun making them real this evening #BDSM #fetish
Mistress_tanya What a bank holiday I had feeling naked, I think I deserve a good #foot massage by one of my #FootFetish followers
Mistress_tanya What an amazing 3 hours #BDSM session I had yesterday, a total transformation #crossdressingmen, visit for more info
Mistress_tanya A #stylish and #seductive #londonmistress will enlighten your senses and further your experience on the #dominationworld #bdsm
Mistress_tanya Great evening in #london with a #slave enjoying French cuisine followed by #session in the #dungeon to his obvious satisfaction.
Mistress_tanya Look what I just got. Anyone wants to try? #strap-on