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Crossdressing in Harrods

Crossdressing in HarrodsSometimes my sessions exceed even my expectations, one such exotic encounter with a client who wanted a Transvestite humiliation covenant is example of a homogeneous coming together to create perfect sexual reality out of fantasy. Yes fantasy can become reality given the right people/ circumstances and ambience.

My clients fantasy was to be made up to feel and look like a Woman and then be taken out to Harrods to be humiliated in public. I decided to order my bi-slave Santino to open the door to the client wearing leather trousers, a fishnet top and cowboy boots and his alluring sense of expression, which always entices men. Santino escorted the man into my bedroom where I began the transformation into a Transvestite. The man was slim with long legs and a trim bottom, which made dressing him up quite Fun.

I gave him the works, stockings suspenders, a tight thong that cut into his arse cheeks a corset bra with falsies, a tasteful wig, make up and slinky dress, finishing up with some high heels.

He looked good enough to be a she and he loved admiring himself in my full length mirrors and seemed to believe he was a sexy looking woman, which to me was the whole point, he actually believed this. We went out in a London Taxi who offer the best travel service and are very discreet. Santino came with us pretending to be the TV’S boyfriend adding to the humiliation.

Harrods as always was very crowded but we made our way to the perfumery department where my TV chose from a selection of chanel perfumes where he bought me COCO NOIR CHANEL and for himself CHANEL NO 5, to be honest I am not sure how much humiliation was going on, as the TV was enjoying himself so much with Me and Santino it had turned into a Sensual experience for him.

On our return home we proceeded to my dungeon by now my client was feeling totally like a woman, he had gone into a Sensual Paradise. He wanted to be appreciated by a man so Santino joined us dressed in a Fishnet Body Stocking and my TV’S eyes and cock lit up when he saw Santino.

I was in control and ordered the two of them to tease each other; leading up to oral sex and they both loved sucking each other off, culminating in a beautiful 69.

My client was very happy, he had accepted once and for all being a transvestite was acceptable and it turned bi-sexuality into an exquisite pleasure without the guilt trip.

I look forward to many more exciting experiences like this.

Mistress Tanya of London


MayfairOne of my longest serving slaves and attendants  humbly  requests that I grace his birthday celebrations annually. For this reason he travels up from Derbyshire to the site of that great nobleman's house, The Earl of Chesterfield, believing himself descended from a natural offspring of that lost noble line. The site is now occupied by The Chesterfield Hotel, a quiet elegant establishment serving exquisite food. However, before proceeding to Mayfair, the realm of the best Doms, it was time for his extra-special- treat. 

We went into my Dungeon, where he is facinated by the large mirrors, as he loves to see myself and himself in reality and reflection. He marvelled at the bondage wheel and the whipping stool, but not for him the tight bonds and naval strength ropes of the client in my previous blog. He desired only stern verbal reprimands and a light caning and spanking. So I ordered him to remove his garments and stand before me naked, displaying no sign of arousal as instructed. Then I ordered him to bend over and administered a few light swishes of the cane. His pert little buttocks reddened somewhat. Then seeing a slight arousal, I put him in my cage, and when he was calm, I secured his genitals with a tight jock-strap. Then I gave him six mild stokes with the paddle. After this was the climax for him of the session, being put across my knee and hand spanked. This reminds him of his kind but stern nanny of his childhood days. I reprimanded him gently for all his impure thoughts and allowed him to kiss my feet in gratitude. 

Then we spent a delightful evening in quiet conversation and the odd glass or so of Champagne, and on leaving we both listened for "The Nightingale in Berkeley Square"!

Mistress Tanya Knows The Ropes

Mistress Tanya Knows The RopesGentlemen, who enjoy the full bondage experience with all over restraint, are not so common. Therefore I was delighted to welcome a very hardy looking man who requested the maximum. Not knowing him, I gave him a “safe word” and carefully scrutinised every action and reaction.

Having stripped him stark naked, I bound him hog style with his tied wrists and ankles connected together arching him back in the “hog roast” position. Rolling him on his sides and front, I secured more ropes tightly around his trunk and thighs, so that he was trussed and helpless on the floor.

There he lay experiencing the most ecstatic pleasure (and pain), his impressively long penis tight and pulsating into climax. He was the most extraordinary client, and his stamina remarkable, for he endured without flinching the tightest constraints and constriction imaginable. At all times I watched him closely in case of trauma, but he was strangely in complete physical balance.

I welcome all degrees of masochists some mere beginners on their journey, others as this recent client extremists in seeking the ultimate experience.



Home and Away

Mistress Tanya AmericaMistress Tanya America

Mistress Tanya of London Museum Mistress Tanya London

Life as a Mistress can get very intense so I like to take two weeks off every year for some rest and relaxation. My preferred option for a mind-blowing holiday is the United States. As for me that country has everything to satisfy me. My choice for companion and guide is my number one slave Santino who can also provide stimulation if I visit a client whilst in America who wants a more profound Domination Session.

My journey began and ended in Boston home of the Redsox and meandered through the New England of New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Highlights of the road trip were visit to Portland, a beautiful port city with a spectacular coastline and chilled out populace.

The White Mountains where the IMF was formed at Bretton Woods in 1944. The Quaint state capitol of Vermont “Montpelier” with a scrumptious breakfast brunch in the capitol plaza hotel, surrounded by the big trees of the Green Mountains.

The historic Mansions on the scenic Ocean Drive in the Newport Rhode Island home of the America’s cup. The John F Kennedy Museum in Boston, a great museum dedicated to a great man who it is said had sex at least twice a day.

A side trip to Hyde Park on Hudson to the Franklin D Roosevelt museum and home, a beautiful setting a fitting tribute to a man who overcome great personal difficulties. And being a Mistress I didn’t forsake my vocation and took command of an erotic session in Cambridge just over Charles River from Boston, satisfying a Harvard Lecture’s fetish fantasy with aid of ever willing Santino.

Another Holiday which exceeded all my expectations, I just love the wide-open spaces of America and the adventures that await at even the smallest town. Now it’s back to work but with some great memories to fuel me over the coming months.

For you car lovers Santino was driving an “evil Black” Chevrolet Cammaro convertible, a sexy beast if ever there was one.


From Slave to Master

FROM SLAVE TO MASTERIt never ceases to surprise me how polarised can be the nature of man within the individual, not merely in dramatic changes of mood but in the actual essence of character, most notoriously in the story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Fortunately my encounters have been with the harmless transformation of submissive to dominant. Most recently I was visited by the most servile creature, who would only approach me on all fours, and then would only be content when he was led around on a lead like an obedient dog, being intermittently whipped, and with his genitalia so bound and constricted to simulate a eunuch. Later in the session no amount of cock and ball torture or dilation seemed too much for him, and when on occasion he whimpered, he gushed with the most abject apologies and begged for more pain. Despite the most prolonged stimulation, he only climaxed on command, so devoted was he to his Dominatrix.

However, that very same gentleman requested a session for the next day in the persona of a Master. I granted his request, and both mentally and physically he utterly dominated my little slave girl Elizabeth.  I was of course present to oversee this transformed client. In the Dungeon Elizabeth was bent over a whipping bench and was given a hard spanking on her pert firm buttocks, and some nipple squeezing followed. It was difficult to predict who would come first, but my little slave girl had four orgasms on the bondage- wheel .  It was a very satisfying session for us all, and the gentleman, who had travelled from New York, where he had first seen my website, assured me he would visit my Chambers on his next business trip.

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