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Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Strap-on with imagination

Flexibility in the practice of pleasure and pain is one of my aims in my Fulham Dungeon so I was pleased to welcome one of my more discerning gentlemen who expressed a desire to experiment and be pleasantly surprised by my imagination. First off, he kept to his usual preferences of having his buttocks beaten with cane and whip till his well seasoned skin was quite red. Then with legs apart a little cock and ball torture with my hand reaching from behind to squeeze his scrotum. Even I was surprised at the pain he could endure until with his penis ramrod rigid he screamed out the safe word. Feeling quite drained he then very respectfully requested that I allow him to watch while I spanked my little French maid. He studied every detail as I smacked the pert buttocks of the young lady over my knee. This voyeurism excited him as much as the compression of his testicles had done. He then confessed his fantasy of switching and begged and pleaded with me to teach him how he might be trained to become a "master". I explained that it was as much about psychology as corporal punishment. My mischievous little French maid was keen to allow a little playful spanking under my strict supervision. Over his knee she wriggled in sensuous delight, until I had to say this was enough for his first lesson as now it was time for the climax of the session, as Santino my tall lean slave entered. My client was commanded to bend over as I put on my strap-on with the largest of my dildos. I used some special lubrication and slowly inserted the strap-on to the full hilt where he panted in ecstasy. Santino then approached fully erected for some oral to complete the spit roast. No more need be written, four different ways of reaching orgasm. "Where there's a will, there's a way!" My Temple of Pains and Pleasure offers everything from flagellation to penetration with imagination.

Christmas Prevue at the Dorchester

Christmas at the Dorchester

Despite my busy schedule at this time of year, I was surprised and delighted to be contacted by one of my loyalist and most ardent slaves. Despite his high office, which must remain a secret, he craves to be dominated, rebuked and often physically chastised. However, before "treatment" he begged to entertain me at The Dorchester. To cut to the chase, he was awaiting me last weekend under the famous plain tree in front of the hotel. After a visit to the intimate cocktail bar we dined at Alain Ducasse's elegant restaurant, three stars Michelin rated. "Only the best for My Dominatrix," he wispered.

Afterwards we sped westward by taxi through the crowded streets to my "Temple of Pains and Pleasures". His state of arousal was evident, but I proceeded slowly with some gentle caning, then some "cock and ball" torture and finally the bondage wheel. He begged to remain upside down for some minutes to enjoy the rigidity of his member to the full. After the session, I allowed him to rest so that he could come back gradually to every day life, but not before he had made a booking for early in The New Year.

All my slaves, both existing and prospective, are promised an exciting and stimulating adventure in my well equipped premises and Dungeon. For now I wish you all a very happy Christmas and prosperous New Year. Mistress Tanya.

Merry Christmas to all my followers

ass worship

When we are young and innocent we believe in the fantasy of Santa Clause. Now we are older and so much wiser than before we have put away childish fantasies but are left with out vacant sense of unfulfillment.

All of us have sexual fantasies based on people or fetishes, I have the power to create those fantasies in real life scenarios in my exclusive London Dungeon together with my own unique look and talents I can offer for your delight the assistance of my male slave santino, my attractive TV slave sandra, or my stunning female slave elizabeth.

Treat yourself this festive season to a bit of wonder and sexual fantasy, not quite Santa Claws but a satisfaction of all those deep dark adult fantasies leave the virtual world and entre into my reality and I will create a real life masterpiece of festive eroticism a special treat just for you!

Calling all Slaves

Black Leather Mistress TanyaAs usual I will be taking my autumn vacation in the USA, starting with the Sunshine State of California, with those lovely beaches and golden Pacific Sun. My loyal slave Santino will drive me across the glorious Rockies through the awesome Death Valley to Las Vegas, where my sister Doms have prepared a grand meeting in my honour. After this it is a fast drive through the Mid-West into the state of Minnesota to stay in Santiago; then on to see the vast and inspiring Lake Superior.

All this means that my slaves must book now for a session in my Temple of Pains and Pleasures before I leave on September 25th. I will return on October 5th. My dungeon awaits you with its full panoply of equipment that you all know and love. I would hate anyone to be disappointed, so get in touch straightaway. There is bound to be a rush for torture!!!

It just remains for me to wish all my faithful retinue a very happy September.

Tanya the Model


Many of my clients and slaves have been enquiring about my recent fashion shoot, and not a few have anxiously asked if I am about to relinquish my role as a Premier Dominatrix. Do not worry, gentlemen, my canes and whips are at the ready in my Temple of Pains and Pleasures. However, a lady of today has to be versatile and adaptable. In fact there was no difficulty for me, because before settling in London I was a globe trotter par excellence. I danced in various costumes around the world in exotic locations.

For those who wish to see me in my guise as a fashion model, you can see me in the current Issue 14  of the magazine Odda "Queen Bee". I enjoyed the experience very much, rubbing  shoulders with the great and the good of the glamorous world of fashion. I met famous celebrities and  top actresses and models.

Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing old and new clients, reddening those plump buttocks and doing sundry erotic and naughty things to the discerning. So I wish you all an enjoyable and successful Spring.

Cross Dressing Service

Cross-dressing service

Are you in the mood for a

Come and meet Santino for a unique cross dressing session. Or if you feel more adventurous I will order Santino to become "Sandra" an attractive transvestite.

Call me now 
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Mistress_tanya Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary
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Mistress_tanya @LouCouch Phone me tomorrow, if you would like to see me for the session. My number is 07960 565 789
Mistress_tanya Christmas prevue at the Dorchester. Despite my schedule at this time of year, I was surprised and delighted to be c…
Mistress_tanya Merry Christmas to all my followers. All of us have sexual fantasies based on people or fetishes, I have the power…
Mistress_tanya Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary
Mistress_tanya You can never step into my shoes, but you can damn well clean them. # fetish # bdsm # heel worship #bondage #leg w…
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Mistress_tanya Best wishes to everyone from #Santiago in #California #USA. The photo is taken in the garden of the #Hotel del Coro…
Mistress_tanya As usual I will be taking my autumn vacation in the USA, starting with the Sunshine State of California, with those…
Mistress_tanya For those who wish to see me in my guise as a fashion model, you can see me in the current Issue 14 of the magazine…
Mistress_tanya Happy Easter to everyone
Mistress_tanya ODDA Magazine under the theme Queen B is now published with my photos I would like to thank Hedvig Jenning for the…
Mistress_tanya In response to many enquiries from my #slaves, friends about my recent fashion shoot with Odda, I write this brief…
Mistress_tanya Wishing all my followers a very Happy NewYear.
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Mistress_tanya My sexyTv#slave Sandra will serve you under my control.
Mistress_tanya My #tv slave has new sexier look. She is around until Xmas and under my command. She is versatile enough to satisfy…
Mistress_tanya To my American followers I'll be in America from 9-11 to the 9-21 Ten erotic ten days along the eastern seaboard…
Mistress_tanya Are you in the mood for a Bi-experience? Come for an unique #crossDressing session.
Mistress_tanya Mistress Tanya of London states that she has no connection with Leeds. Collar me put her email in error
Mistress_tanya Good morning everyone.#Goddess#mistress#domination#bdsm#slave.
Mistress_tanya Mistress Tanya permits her #slave to become his alter ego pretty #tv Sandra in my new #film
Mistress_tanya I am back from my U.S. Grand Tour refreshed by the majestic scenery viewed from a, WOW!
Mistress_tanya Two iconic blondes together in Tennessee with their Legendary Curves
Mistress_tanya Best wishes to all my #BDSM followers from #Niagara Falls
Mistress_tanya The summer #bdsm tour to US from 15 till 26th of August
Mistress_tanya Busy#session today with #bdsm#legwoship#footfetish
Mistress_tanya Mistress Tanya of London via @YouTube
Mistress_tanya Mistress Tanya of London | UK Mistresses Dominatrix Guide
Mistress_tanya #Crossdressing in Harrods, Sometimes my sessions exceed even my expectations. new blog
Mistress_tanya #Happy New year to all my friends.
Mistress_tanya #Mayfair @Mistress_tanya large mirrors, as he loves to see myself and himself in reality...
Mistress_tanya Busy very varied day in my Fetish Bedroom,Dungeon & Outside
Mistress_tanya Is this Fulham when you could buy a tube of Macleanes Toothpaste in the chemist
Mistress_tanya Is this Fulham when you could buy a tube of Maclean's Toothpaste in the chemists.
Mistress_tanya wonderful photo from the past
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