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Mistress Tanya of London New Strap-OnMy latest instrument of pleasure for my discerning clientele is a vibrating strap on dildo, with different speed settings. Here is the ideal procedure. I give a gentle anal douche to relax the gentleman, and make everything nice, fresh and clean. Then with my medical gloves I tenderly and slowly insert my finger coated in a little lube to ease the way through the sphincter, this allows me to massage the prostate very calmly while I carefully attend to the gentleman’s reactions. At the same time I give a full scrotal massage, diligently handling each testicle. When I sense the client is on the brink, I withdraw, as I want to prolong his ecstasy. Sometimes I can pull the penis down to soften the erection before I commence the culminating stage with the strap-on dildo. Now that his sphincter muscle is thoroughly relaxed, most clients find this a natural progression. However, I then activate the vibration, which without exception drives the gentleman wild with pleasure, giving, they tell me, the hardest and most prolonged erection ever. Some gentlemen like to receive as they are leaning over my specialist bench, in which case, I often have to support them, as they have become enervated by the extremity of the sensation.

So, all you gentlemen, who like their pleasures on the edge, “come up and see me sometime !”

Mr G. & Miss K. visit the London Temple of Goddess Tanya

I feel that I must explain: Mr G and Miss K are one, each being the “alter ego” of the other. Mr G is a devoted and loyal slave, and Miss K, following continual adoration of my feet, is now my priestess.

Mistress Tanya of London, I wish to record my thanks and appreciation for being in your divine presence last Sunday. Miss K and I were privileged to cook you a ritualistic meal in your Temple of Delights, and we were well rewarded with your favour. I was calmed and soothed by the tender touch of your Tantric Massage, which transported me to a new level of being. Miss K has told you that she was inspired to prepare more ways of honouring you. However, I wish all to know that, in spite of extreme arousal, I was determined to deny myself an orgasm, as a symbol of my respect for the sanctity of your Temple. Yet you were gracious enough to honour me with “face sitting”, of which I was a virgin, but of which I found the sensation divine. Please, dear Goddess, do this for me again.”

“Mr G. and Miss K, you are indeed my good and faithful servants. I hardly needed to correct or chastise you in the ritual of your reverence towards me. The Tantric Massage and the Face Sitting were to enable you to absorb the feeling of “The Divine”, which I know you crave. As true worshippers, you have earned your reward.

Tanya’s Prostate Massage (and more)

Today Prostate Massage is becoming an accepted experience in erotic services. It is held to intensify the male orgasm as well as enhancing erection and subsequent ejaculation. The prostate can be massaged externally at the perineum, the sensitive area between the scrotum and the anus, or, for the more adventurous, through the anus.

I use either method according to request, but the internal method gives more intense results. For this I may first use an anal douche or, for the connoisseur, a full enema. I then apply lubrication to ease the anal sphincter, and wearing surgical gloves gently insert my finger. I pay careful attention to the reactions of the man and adjust the movement of my finger accordingly. The process puts most men in a state of ecstatic pleasure and the satisfaction of their most intimate fantasies. Some gentlemen request toys for this process, for which I have an ample supply. While performing this massage, I can on request give a testicular massage. This is a much requested service. For this I carefully separate the testicles and pull them down to loosen the scrotal sack. I then caress each testicle separately. I have known many men squeal with pleasure and be beside themselves with ecstasy. Naturally I proceed with care and tenderness as many men find their testicles extremely sensitive.

In this context many submissives and slaves crave being entered by a strong and commanding Dominatrix using a strap on dildo. This is the ultimate fantasy, combining the pleasure of prostate stimulation and the thrill of gender reversal. Some clients request a scenario to enact anal penetration by coercion. Possibly the most extreme procedure is the “Spit Roast”, where the client is penetrated by the strap on dildo of the Dominatrix, while he sucks the penis of a specially chosen slave from the entourage of the Mistress.

Mistress Tanya specialises in all scenarios of anal penetration as well as having an extensive range of dildos.

So, make an appointment, break the boundaries and give yourself unspeakable pleasure on the edge!

An Apprentice's Report

For many years I have harboured the fantasy of visiting a dominatrix, those beautiful but forbidding creatures. I suppose I am a submissive and crave the direction of a strong woman. One day I was scrolling down a page on the internet, when my eye alighted on a gorgeous lady with long flowing deep blond hair and an hour glass figure. So I plucked up my courage and made the telephone call. A sweet lilting voice at once comforted my anxiety, and reassured me by offering me an induction course on the joys of tied and teased. The Goddess assured me there would be nothing too painful on my first visit and we agreed a “safe word”.

My session began and I was commanded to remove all clothing followed by being bound and restrained. The Goddess in her high heels towered above me, but smiled as my member moved smartly to the perpendicular, more rigidly than for many years. “You will not come except at my command” she said. I was gently spanked by hand then a paddle, but though I was in ecstasy I did not ejaculate. Strangely I felt secure and happy and begged for some harsher treatment. The goddess stroked my face and told me to be calm, but she then gently squeezed my nipples. “Next time I shall use the nipple clamps on you and maybe my light cane.” The Goddess then bent a light cane across her shapely breasts, which somehow drove me wild, though the Goddess merely looked closely at me without touching my body. At the end of the session, I fear that I could no longer hold back the rising tide: “you are a naughty boy”, she said, “but you have done well for a beginner!”

Having fixed a further appointment, I left the temple a very happy fellow with a new chapter in the experience of life opening before me.

Slut-slave in training

From the outset can I thank you for our wonderful first encounter and for the privilege of being accepted as your slut-slave in training.  It was clear to me the moment I laid eyes on you that my future lies at your feet, suffering for your pleasure.  The fact that you have actively encouraged me to list my further thoughts and comment on our first session demonstrates the care and commitment you have so obviously dedicated to my training – for this I am eternally grateful.  Please understand that I am being totally honest in my words below, not to dictate or criticise (where that may appear to be the case), but to give you yet further insight into my very soul such that you may exploit this knowledge to your own ends and for my future subjugation.

Considering the many pitfalls that lie in the path of a first session and the inevitable nerves on the part of the slave (or should I say slut in my case?!), I can say nothing more than it was a triumph, a testament to your undoubted dominant skills and the beginning of a new journey for your slave.  I enjoyed the theatricality of the surroundings and your resplendent beauty.  I am very visually orientated and the theatre of domination, especially the scenery and clothing (PVC), are paramount in my submissive psyche.  I was privileged to be physically close to you, my eyes devoured your beauty, I was spoilt by the glimpse of the extremes to which you will no doubt take me in my training as your dungeon slut.  Mistress, I cannot get out of my mind you fiery eroticism, your sophisticated demeanour, your overwhelming beauty and your dominantly seductive voice - I believe I have found my new long term Mistress!

It is true to say I was somewhat nervous at the outset – primarily because of my recent negative and damaging experiences with so called professional Mistresses.  Mistress Tanya, with you it was different – the nerves thereafter were because I realised I was in the presence of my present and future Mistress and so wanted to please you, to get it right.  I soon realised I was in the hands of a true expert and the nerves were replaced by fearful excitement as I understood the ways you will exploit my slut nature as only you can.

As you also know, I need to be lost in the fantasy and part of my training as your slut is the forcible administration of amyl and “smoking”.  Mistress could you be very aggressive in this respect, making extensive use of the masks and hoods – I would particularly enjoy being subjected to your own specialist equipment as I am probably too familiar with my own (except the amyl mask with the inflatable gag which continues to fascinate me as it gives you so much scope for experimentation e.g. fill one or both vents, pump up the gag etc).  The more I am relaxed with you the more easily I can take it.  I was due to go to a meeting straight after our first session and that’s why I asked you to remove the mask quickly and why I didn’t smoke more.  In our next session I wont have to worry about that  – I am yours for the day - and so would ask that you be far more forceful! It excites me so much when I think you wont take “no” for an answer, when you enjoy seeing me struggle, when you push my limits in this respect, when I think you have finished only for you to resume all over again, when you have used the amyl bottle only to follow it with a mask, etc.  Its great when you decide how much I should take, in other words if you don’t think I have had enough to force me to take more, regardless of my protests.  My hood with the 2 nose holes  is very effective if you hold the amyl bottle or a cotton pad over them, particularly if you are teasing/wanking my cock and whispering what terrible things you plan for me at the same time – heaven again!!!.

Mistress, I have a particular craving to be kept in extreme rubber bondage when not being used.  That is, rubber slut clothing, inflatables, hoods, gags, masks, etc.  The idea of being in full rubber bondage, possibly strapped in a chair or trussed up in a cupboard, where you periodically come in to stick a dildo in my mouth, or stick a slaves cock in my mouth, is mesmerising – this fantasy truly excites me!  I love layers of bondage: complex hoods, combined with gags and masks – the whole paraphernalia of this sort of extreme bondage is so exciting because it means I cannot fight back or stop you doing terrible things to your slut.

My other weakness, and aid to the most fulfilling experience, is to smoke.  I am grateful that you have been so understanding about this and I will never abuse this kindness.  As the effect wears off very quickly though, I look forward to you forcing me to take more through the afternoon – could you be very forceful and aggressive about this, saying things like: you have to keep your slut drugged up so I can be used by all those slaves you are going to hire me out to?  One of the ramifications of this is that I might not be a very capable and co-ordinated after I smoke.  Maybe I should dress (or be dressed) first before you order me to smoke, so that I am not too clumsy and slow when doing this? Mistress, as I write this my mind has wandered to the sublime thought of the first time I glimpse you after having smoked, as you walk through the door; bliss!!!

As far as my slut training goes, I am both fearful and excited by the prospect that you will push me well beyond my limits.  I will do my best within my physical limitations (I still find it painful – but in the future hopefully you can fuck me anally to – I will practice at home?) and am always guided by you in this respect.  Mistress, can I reiterate caution concerning my back and anal penetration. There is also the dilemma of observing safe sex practices (which is both your own and my first priority) and being trained as a true slut - I bow to your experience but I cannot help craving to be a slut.  The idea of being left in sensory deprivation, where you periodically administer amyl when I least expect it , and also periodically force a slaves spunky cock into my hood face is both alarming and exciting.  Maybe for the moment, I could be your oral slut, where you ram large dildos and real slaves cocks into my mouth – how far you go is of course up to you?!

Mistress I crave the touch of your gloved hand on my worthless body – I have the image of you resplendent in PVC as you stand before my shackled form, caressing me and driving me to sexual distraction as you instigate a “milking” regime, manually stimulating me to near climax throughout the session, only to wank me to climax in your honour at the end!!!  Mistress Tanya, at times throughout the session can you tease my cock and wank me, particularly after first taking the blindfold off each time to reveal a stunning new PVC outfit – you are so beautiful, I would lying if I pretended I didn’t dream of this!?

Mistress, I have rambled on enough, but your dominant beauty does rather rob a man of his senses!  Thank you for deigning to see me – I will always do my best to be worthy of your strict loving attention.

Your slut-slave, Ex

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