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A naughty TV's Fantasy...

My fantasy is somewhat submissive. I am embarrassed about my desires and would like to be able to resist them, but I am helpless and cannot resist them. You know this and know that you are in control. You know that I am secretly wearing women's underwear, which I am embarrassed and feel guilty about but none the less enjoy. You make a little bit of fun of me (nothing too overboard, more a knowing smile and maybe a little titter when you finally get me to show you ("what have you got on for me today. Do you secretly want to be woman or worse TS or TV "). In other words mild humiliation, my humiliation is in my embarrassment rather than anything too physical or two aggressive.

I am particularly sensitive to slow sensitive and gentle touching; being tickled with you nails, for example as you drag them gently and sensuously across my back chest and other sensitive areas; I am particularly sensitive under my arms and on my stomach and the obvious places. You smile to yourself at how helpless I am and how I cannot resist your charms. You whisper gently and sexily in my ear how addicted I am and how helpless and hopeless my situation is. You might give me a little kiss on the ear and laugh quietly at me. You indicate that it gets you off some times at how hopeless and pathetic I am. You might offer me a pair of your Knickers/panties, maybe even used ones.

When you are fucking me you make more fun of me and tease me and say things like " you love it don't you; you are addicted to me fucking you; come on tell me you love it if you want me to continue; do you wan to continue" make a little bit of fun of my small manhood which I find hard to get erect.

In general the mood is sexy and sensuous as I am completely enslaved by your charms and my own fetishes. You are sophisticated and demure but enjoy my helplessness and suffering although you frequently point out I may as well give up resisting and enjoy being the real pervert I am
The real turn on for me is being teased and my being unable to resist my fetishes even though I really want to; soft humiliation in other words. I love lingerie and I am particularly helpless in the power of somebody dressed in panties and stockings etc. A constant feature of the session is your knowledge that you can get me to do anything you want. Possibly light domination and even gentle restraints as you tease me.

In one of our sessions you might make me put on my women's underwear and then you put on make up on me to humiliate me.
The piste de resistance however is when you fuck me with your strap-on. and when you look into my eyes knowingly and say "you can't help yourself, you want me to fuck you don't you" and then you whisper in my ear" beg me to fuck you" and then you smirk at me.

Golden Hour

Mistress Tanya, I will treasure this golden hour as if it is our last moments together. Truly you are like the most beautiful of all angelic beings. To be graced in your presence is truly divine your humble servant bows down symbolically to worship at your perfect frame.

Your humble Servant.


On arrival at Mistress Tanya residence I had been warmly greeted immediately stunned by the beauty of her curvy streamlined Goddess body; gracefully as she moved I sensed a heavenly presence. I had entered the holy sanctuary of life.

I came alive my inner being transformed, my eyes were drawn to her diamond eyes - so radiant so penetrating, her gaze was like the most desirable kiss. I breathed in her every breath, truly it was a liquid gold moment. Her presence, her nearness took my breath away.

Finally I had entered Mistress Tanya holly place. Suddenly I was experiencing a hurricane of emotions , then I heard her soft voice, it was like sweet music in my ears.

The more I felt her liberating energy bring healing and calmness of mind. I melted inside for her words penetrated me - it was a liquid gold moment.

As Mistress Tanya hands caressed my body - it was like electricity I gasped - no one had ever touched me in this delightful way. It was as if a power, a supernatural power was released from those tender loving hands. Truly this had proved to be a treasured time.

Finally I have come alive, fully alive, fully living in the adorable presence of one so divine. today had been the golden hour for Mistress Tanya had awakened me nothing can be as beautiful as this golden with Mistress Tanya.

Your humble devotee...

A whole new experience with Mistress Tanya of London

Mistress Tanya of London wishes to proclaim to all her long devoted slaves that she has now moved to new premises in Fulham south west London, a fine Victorian house in a quiet and leafy road near Parson’s Green Station on The District Line. Discerning gentlemen will appreciate the elegant and discreet London location. There is a special dungeon fully equipped by “Fetters”, with long fixed mirrors, soft lighting with adjustable degrees of illumination and an impressive floor with metallic finish. Those with particular inclinations will have the benefit, among other items, of a bondage wheel, puppy cage and whipping bench. The whole establishment has been furnished for the realisation of pleasurable pain and delightful torture.

Mistress Tanya of London extends a warm welcome to all who wish to experience these routes to ecstasy and climax, both regulars and new recruits. Goddess Tanya knows how to be strict with the experienced yet sympathetic to the novice. All you need to do is phone or email to be on the “highway to heaven”.

A Nursing Scenario

Mistress Tanya of London - Nurse scenarioLately my London Chambers have often been brightly and clinically lit rather than the usual sombre dungeon setting of a Dominatrix. Nursing scenarios are in demand, stimulated by pictures of me in a short tight fitting nurse’s uniform in rubber or p.v.c. on the website. Men have a strong fantasy for the tender attentions of a nurse combined with firm authority. However, there is no fantasy on my side, as I am a trained nurse with psychology as a specialism. Anyway, when there was a ring on the doorbell yesterday morning, I was waiting in my consulting rooms. The gentleman was a regular client with a slight concern about the rigidity and strength of his erection. I gently undid his belt and zip and laid him on the couch. By chance my little slave girl was there for her usual chores, so I instructed her to measure his rather large flaccid member from tip to base and weigh his scrotum. I prepared his customary enema, then carefully lubricating his rectal passage, I gently slipped in the tube. He found this exciting and refreshing, and declared he felt inwardly cleansed. Now I gave him an intimate check, massaging the prostate. His erection was full and completely stiff, even when tested by pulling back his penis. My little slave took a further measurement of it to reassure him. As a most obedient slave, he had restrained his orgasm, but I set to work on him thrusting my strap-on into t him till his ejaculation came in strong spurts. Now utterly spent but happy, he departed after booking his next session.

Perhaps I should add, my nursing scenario has attracted attention in the U.S.A, where a mature gentleman has fallen for me. He often writes to me from his home in New Mexico, complimenting me on the uniform with a saucy comment on my cleavage. He has been motivated by my site to improve his computer skills, join the members’ section and download videos of my activities. But--- who knows ? -- maybe when I next go to Phoenix, Arizona, he will see me in the flesh !

Mistress Tanya of London

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Mistress_tanya Is this Fulham when you could buy a tube of Maclean's Toothpaste in the chemists.
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