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From Slave to Master

FROM SLAVE TO MASTERIt never ceases to surprise me how polarised can be the nature of man within the individual, not merely in dramatic changes of mood but in the actual essence of character, most notoriously in the story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Fortunately my encounters have been with the harmless transformation of submissive to dominant. Most recently I was visited by the most servile creature, who would only approach me on all fours, and then would only be content when he was led around on a lead like an obedient dog, being intermittently whipped, and with his genitalia so bound and constricted to simulate a eunuch. Later in the session no amount of cock and ball torture or dilation seemed too much for him, and when on occasion he whimpered, he gushed with the most abject apologies and begged for more pain. Despite the most prolonged stimulation, he only climaxed on command, so devoted was he to his Dominatrix.

However, that very same gentleman requested a session for the next day in the persona of a Master. I granted his request, and both mentally and physically he utterly dominated my little slave girl Elizabeth.  I was of course present to oversee this transformed client. In the Dungeon Elizabeth was bent over a whipping bench and was given a hard spanking on her pert firm buttocks, and some nipple squeezing followed. It was difficult to predict who would come first, but my little slave girl had four orgasms on the bondage- wheel .  It was a very satisfying session for us all, and the gentleman, who had travelled from New York, where he had first seen my website, assured me he would visit my Chambers on his next business trip.

A London Diary

A LONDON DIARYMany of my clients, who read the blogs about my trips to the U.S.A, with special regard to my stay in Florida and my tour of the Rockies, or about my recent filming in the Highlands, have respectfully asked what I do in London when I am not presiding over my Temple of Pleasures and Pains in Fulham. Well indeed! That would be telling, but a Goddess cannot spend all the time in her Dungeon, even to give rewards to her loyal retinue of slaves.

To give an example, I am often invited to those illustrious clubs of Saint James ‘s or Pall Mall, where the great and the good gather. There I am wined and dined by my most favoured and faithful thralls. The elegant architecture and ambience, they tell me, is a backdrop for a lady of my feminine presence. Of course they really mean, (in part at least), sexiness, and I always indulge them by wearing a figure hugging dress to show off my curves, but always “in the best possible taste” as they say. My gentlemen often take me to Knightsbridge or Mayfair for a little shopping, as I am, as they know, at heart a “Chanel” girl. There is no need for me to say that my thralls get a real kick by being seen with a Diva, and, as I have remarked before, many of the most powerful men in politics, law, and administration feel the irresistible urge to submit to a Dominatrix of strong character and intellect.

This is one aspect of my varied life in London, although we Premier Doms are international in our operations, not least in the U.S.A, to judge from my computer’s inbox.

Filming with Mistress Tanya

Last week my Temple of Pains and Pleasures brought Hollywood to Fulham with a day of filming of my various activities and scenarios.  My equipment was on display in the new Dungeon with some gentlemen availing themselves of my bondage wheel, while others were in ecstasy with some powerful thrusts from my range of strap-ons.

Santino, my tall handsome chief priest, was interviewed by me for a scenario of cuckolding, while another slave took the part of the husband, who was to catch Santino in the act. A slight air of comedy was provided by the husband bearing some resemblance to Oliver Hardy! The more adventurous, or should I say masochistic, wanted penile dilation, selecting their instruments of choice from my medical trolley.

A good time was had by all, but I would like to thank those five loyal thralls for supporting their Dominatrix. They not only assisted me, but were spreading the word on the joys of B.D.S.M.

So if any gentleman should look at my website, I suggest he subscribe to my “Members Only Site”, for a more in depth look at my activities and mission. 

Of course the complete versions and more are on my members section.

A Young Apprentice

A young apprenticeLast week one of my regulars of mature years enjoyed my full strap-on treatment. Despite his age this activity produces a rock hard erection followed rapidly by a spontaneous ejaculation. Afterwards he told me of a young man whom he has got to know and who confided in him that he has difficulties in both these reactions.  My regular had shown him my website, and the young man saw in my pictures and articles the realisation of his fantasy to be guided and dominated by a curvacious blond Scandinavian Diva.

The young man duly arrived and I bade him strip and present himself for my inspection. His member though small began to stir, so I put him across my knee for a light spanking. Then it was into the cage while I explained the etiquette of the slave-mistress relationship of utter submission. On being released he prostrated himself on the floor and worshipped my feet adoringly. He was now completely aroused, so I sternly explained that a good slave must obey the command of the Dominatrix at all times.  As his progress was so quick, I gently bent him over and applied a little cock and ball torture. He found this a challenge, so we agreed a safe word, and thus reassured he was able to stand a fair amount of pressure on his scrotum. In fact he was asking for more, so I showed him my extensive range of dildos.  He was a little hesitant, but I slowly and carefully inserted the smallest dildo with lubrication. His pleasure seemed unbounded.

“That is enough for your first session,” I told him, but I showed him all the devices my Dungeon had to offer. His made a further appointment, in fact a double session. He explained that he had found in me a lady of character and beauty whom he could admire, but who could take the initiative and so relieve him of responsibility.  

Celebrating a Goddess’s Birthday

 Mistress Tanya Mistress Tanya of London

Oh, faithful slave and truest thrall,   

Upon you doth my favour fall,

For you are due to celebrate

With me a very special date.

Yes, a goddess does have a birthday, and one of my most loyal slaves won the privilege of wining and dining me at an elegant London restaurant. This establishment was in a lovely park surrounded by trees and gardens, in origin the Orangery of a famous mansion. The food was exquisite, the surroundings refined and the service impeccable. My slave certainly knows my preferences: Pink Champagne to start, followed by a fabulous Margaux and a delicious dessert wine, a Loupiac to finish. His idea was to drink his share of this from the Jimmy Chou shoes he had bought me, as in those grand times of “La Belle Époque”. I gently declined this mark of honour in deference to the other diners, but with the more practical consideration for the shoes!!!

My slave politely wishes me to state that he feels quite unworthy of the honour accorded to him and does not wish his fellow members of my following to be jealous in any way, as he realises many of my retinue are begging for this privilege. However, I wish to say that he has steadfastly served me from the moment of my arrival in these shores from my Arctic Palace in Finland. I gave him his reward later in my Dungeon. It was a most wonderful occasion.

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Mistress_tanya Is this Fulham when you could buy a tube of Maclean's Toothpaste in the chemists.
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