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My Foot Fetish Dream come True

Mistress Tanya and SlaveI had an idea that Mistress Tanya was just an iconic image who teased me on the internet, who could not possibly match the foot fetish fantasy I had with her in a real life situation. But with her good grace, an exotic location and her body clad in a Basque, Stockings & Suspenders in High Heel shoes my fantasy turned into a dream come true.

I Love the feel of nylon on a Women’s legs and the way it looks around the contours of a Ladies Foot. Tanya has perfect feet and with me bending down in the subservient way I yearned for, I kissed, stroked and consumed her feet in away I did not think possible. I felt humiliated, gratified and sexually satisfied all at the same time.

Mistress Tanya’s commanding demeanor and sensual presence ticked all my foot fetish boxes and I cannot wait to see her again, to repeat my perfect fantasy.

A March Meeting

Spring is in the air, the wild flowers are in bloom, and my regulars are showing a renewed enthusiasm for correction. As an example, one of my devoted following of slaves, a company director came to see me.  Stutteringly he confessed to “bossy behaviour” towards his work force. With an imperious look, I gestured with my cane to bend over the bench and delivered some vigorous swipes. “Remove your trousers and pants at once” I commanded, and I then delivered six of the very best until his plump buttocks went from red to purple. “Thank you, Mistress”, he whispered. “Maintain your position,” I replied. I knew what he wanted, -- and needed; so reaching between his legs, I pulled his scrotum downwards and separated his testicles. I then applied the traditional “cock and ball torture”, while he writhed in ecstasy, his brain not knowing whether to register pain or pleasure the greater.

As the session continued I sensed his fulfilment; and afterwards he thanked me for the reality check that I had given him in realising his need for utter subordination to a strong minded dominatrix. However, I know that many of you out there do not want such severe treatment, so don’t be shy, come and see me for some pleasurable pains or vice versa. Tell me your fantasies, and I will see what I can do for you. “It’s never too late and it’s never too soon.”

Story from a devotee10

Tanya Gary 2008-motorbike

The weather was cold and rainy as Tanya Helgasdottir pulled up on Her Hardanger motorbike outside the The Best Western Plus Towanda Inn in Pennsylvainia USA She was dressed as all Norse Women were in shiny black leather wearing black leather boots with razor sharp heels, black leather trousers and a leather basque and long leather gloves that went right up Her arms. Her long blonde hair completed the stunning effect.

Tanya knew She was very smart and completely fearless. She had a PHD in psychology from the University of Haraldshus in Norseland. Her speciality in Risero Her home City in Norseland was counselling men with sexual problems.

The muscles in Her legs were so large beneath Her thigh length boots, but very sensual. She loved to wear sleeveless blouses to show the muscles in Her arms and shoulders. And She bought them one size too small to make sure Her large breasts on top of Her firm chest muscles strained at the leather garment.

And there was no fat. Just beautiful, bronzed skin over solid muscle. She slowly flexed them during the counselling sessions. Any man who was not aroused was totally brain dead. Perhaps that's why She was so popular.

But Tanya was very serious about Her work. She wanted to help the men who come to Her. Wanted to help them with their problems, their "hangups", their fetishes.

Especially the fetishes. Tanya had one that is almost out of control. She loved to fight other foreigners and oslander men . She was aroused when She felt Her muscles straining against those of another foreign man.

And She was hooked. When She was abroad as in the USA She put on Her most provocative clothes.. There was always a challenge and She always won. .

She kept Her body in shape. She lifted weights. She ran. She swam. She wanted to make sure She was ready for the next fight.

Fighting had become an obsession. She knew She had a problem. She helped people with their problems. And Her "cure rate" was very high..

She had read that the Best Western Motel provided exceptional accommodation in the heart of Shale Region’s in Pennsylvania’s beautiful natural surroundings. Astounding views of the Endless Mountain could be enjoyed from the hotel. The spacious guestrooms featured contemporary furnishings and modern appointments such as kitchen implements, LCD televisions, and free local calls. Mornings were made much brighter with the complimentary continental breakfast. Professional travellers appreciated the modern business centre at the hotel and its closeness to companies such as Frontier and Cabot Oil. After visiting country fairs and craft shows, guests could unwind with a swim in the indoor pool. The motel also featured free parking a fitness centre where She could display Her huge muscles and work out and high speed internet.

Towanda was the county seat of Bradford County, Pennsylvania, United States,[ 66 miles northwest of Scranton on the Susquehanna River. The name meant "burial ground" in the Algonquian Indian language. Settled in 1784 and incorporated in 1828, Towanda was once known primarily for its industrial interests, which included flour, planning and silk mills, a foundry and machine shop, dye works, and manufacturers of talking machines, cut glass, toys and furniture.. Currently, the 2010 census confirmed that the population of Towanda was 2,919.

This was the first stop in Her journey across the USA from New York to Francisco a journey of 2907 miles where She would board the plane back to Her beloved Norseland.In many ways She wanted to imitate the hero in On the Road by Jack Kerouac based on the travels of Kerouac and his friends across America.

She had really enjoyed Her journey setting out from New York about lunchtime .She had been staying in a small hotel on W.64th street She had ridden right up the Henry Hudson Parkway at full speed ignoring all speed limits. She has crossed the George Washington Bridge a double-decked suspension bridge spanning the Hudson River, connecting the Washington Heights neighbourhood in the borough of Manhattan in New York City to Fort Lee, Bergen County, New Jersey. She had roared up the Palisades Parkway to the amazement of all the motorists. She had reached Bear Mountain one of the best-known peaks of New York's Hudson Highlands.

She went at full speed down Route 17 through Orange County New York State until She arrived at the intersection turning left down Highway 84 reaching the Pennsylvania border. She then tore towards Scranton through the Poccono Mountains which contained 2400 sq. miles of mountains and streams and was very popular with local tourists.

She was soon tearing through Scranton the geographic and cultural centre of the Lackawanna River valley, and the largest of the former anthracite coal mining communities in a quilt-work that also included Wilkes-Barre, Pittston, and Carbondale.. Scranton became known as the Electric City when electric lights were introduced at Dickson Locomotive Works in 1880.

She decided to park Her Hardanger motorbike and visit the museums in Scranton including the Everhart Museum in Nay Aug Park, which housed a collection of natural history, science and art exhibits.She visited the Houdini Museum, which featured films, exhibits, and a stage show in a unique, century-old building. Everywhere She went in the town dressed in black leather with Her height at over 6 feet men would glower at Her sheer size and beauty.

It was no not long before She mounted Her motorbike for the last lap of Her journey to Towanda.She roared out of the town at a speed of 80 MPH along Route 6 .The route spanned the Susquehanna river located in the north-eastern United States. At 464 miles (747 km) long, it was the longest river on the American east coast that drained into the Atlantic Ocean, and with its watershed it was the 16th largest river in the United States, and the longest river in the continental United States without commercial boat traffic today.The banks of the river seemed to be overflowing with the heavy down pour which flooded off Her back leather bisque and trousers.

She was soon outside the small town of Wyalusing that lay just south of Towanda She turned the throttle of her bike as She went full speed right into the centre of Towanda.

As soon as She reached the hotel and threw Her leather bag on the bed She walked straight to the reception to ask where there was to drink and eat in Towanda as there was no restaurant in the motel.The receptionist was intimidated by Her sheer presence and size.

‘Well maam I always go to Finlan's Tavern on 203 Main St.It's a nice place for a blue collar fellow but a big Lady like you would like it too.. Ask Ray for a hunting story and you should keep busy for an hour or two! They do an enormous pork hoagie with chips and salad for only $5!’


She walked into the "Finlans bar” around 8pm. She was the only Norse Woman in a sea of American men.


The bar has been loud with conversation as they were watching the game of the Atlanta Falcons v 49ers. Now you could hear a pin drop. No one said a word. Everyone was watching Her.

She went to the bar. And ordered ordered a beer. Then She turned to face the crowd.

A slow smile crossed Her face as She watched everyone and slowly started to flex Her muscles.

She turned Her back and tightened the huge bronzed muscles in Her thighs. Of all Her muscles, these were the strongest. And the most beautuful.

She turned Her back again. Next it was the muscles in Her gut. She turned to face the crowd and slowly unzipped Her leather trousers just above Her pubic hair. She put Her hands behind Her head and thrust Her hips forward. Her stomach was hard. Lean. No fat. Just bronzed skin covering solid muscle. She moved Her hips back and forth, making Her abdominals bulge.

She zipped Her shorts back up. Moved to the muscles in Her arms and shoulders. Her veins popped out. The peak in biceps was almost unreal.

She settled back. Waiting. It's was obvious. This Norse Woman had walked into an all-male bar and just issued a challenge to all the men in it. They knew She would not have to wait long. Most of the men would be intimidated . A voice comes from the back of the room.

"Think you're hot don't you? You Norsi bitch!."

The man was huge. There was a layer of fat over his muscles. But he was obviously a trucker and v strong.

"When? Tanya asked, smiling.


"The parking lot."

"Fine," says Tanya, still smiling.

The big man's name was Jeff. And he was a racist and hated foreigners especially Norselanders.

Jeff made the first move. He grabbed Tanya in a bear hug. Yanked Her into the air. He put all the strength of his strong arms and shoulders into the effort to break Tanya's back.

Tanya had been in bear hugs before. Tanya had won all Her fights. She was determined to win this one. Her powerful left arm pushed his chin back. And Her powerful right arm sent Her fist crashing into his mouth and nose.

The pain in Tanya's back and ribs was blinding. But She continued to send blow after blow into Jeff's face.

Finally the large man couldn’t take any more. His face was a bloody mess .He released the hold.

The big man then jumped into the air, landing with all the force in his legs on Tanya's stomach.

But Tanya has seen this coming and tightened Her stomach into a solid mass of bronzed muscle. The big man might as well have landed on a tree trunk.

Tanya saw a weakness. While Her mid-section was solid steel, the big man's looked soft. Tanya used the most powerful muscles She had and sent a kick into Jeff’s gut.

The man doubled over in pain. Tanya used the powerful muscles again and landed a vicious kick to the side of his head.


Jeff was out. Finished for life!

The crowd applauded while Tanya stood up and headed back to the bar.

Tanya's Christmas

Christmas is a magical time, when we give presents to show our love and appreciation to our dear ones. I have been touched by the gifts bestowed upon me by my faithful retinue of slaves and company of thralls. So I want to thank them sincerely and hope to see them over the festive season or soon after. Of course there is a strong fetish element in their gifts, high stilettos, thigh length leather boots, waspies, thongs and so forth. Your goddess will be delighted to wear them for you in your next session, you naughty boys!  But…. do you think I will be less strict in my discipline and correction of you all? …. well maybe just this once, even a stern Dominatrix does have a soft spot for the most loyal and submissive of you. However, I was impressed by one humble slave, who requested an extra spanking after giving me some additional charms for my bracelet: “spare the rod and spoil the child, --- an old Victorian saying,” he quipped. So I flexed my biceps and gave him a few more over my knee, so that the dungeon resounded with the impact on his little plump buttocks. Anyway, I look forward to seeing old and new slaves in the New Year in my discreet Temple of Pleasures and Pains, happy Christmas and best wishes to you all, Mistress Tanya.

Sub for you Mary

The second time I saw Mistress Tanya was so amazing I thought I must share, As I arrived I knelt down and kissed her toes through her open toed shoes that she was wearing to show how humble and grateful I was to be seen by such a superior being. After removing my shoes I was then told to go upstairs to her bedroom. There I was told to strip. Japanese Clover clamps – with connecting chain - were then put on my nipples and my nipples so tortured so that I begged her to do what she wanted to do to me.

This turned out to be my feminization. First was eyeliner and eye-shadow then face powder and blusher followed by false eye lashes and finally slutty red lipstick – all of which I had been told to bring with me. This was topped off with a blond wig of hers. I was then told to put on my lacy bra and suspender belt and thong, then her lace topped stockings.

She then filled my bra cups with breast enhancers before making me step into a see through garment that did not even cover the tops of my stockings. I then had my collar and leash put on and she dragged me to her bathroom where she applied a quick enema to clean me ‘for later’.

It was about then that her slave Elizabeth joined us and I was led by the lead to the dungeon in front of her. Slave Elizabeth is in perfect contrast to Mistress Tanya. Slave Elizabeth has alabaster skin and is slender topped by dark hair whilst Mistress Tanya has a hourglass figure with well defined muscle tone, ample freckled breasts and Finish blond hair I was then strapped to the wheel where I had more nipple and cock and ball torture from both of them, ending in increasing sizes of sound down my urethra. When I eventually begged to be free of this pain, I was released only to be made to kneel, face down, on the whipping bench. They both took turns in slapping my arse cheeks before Mistress Tanya used a paddle to make my ass even redder and more tender. The Mistress then uses a cat of nine until I beg for her to stop – even if it means she will fuck my arsehole.

She puts on a smallish strap on in front of my face and slave Elizabeth dons a slightly larger one. As the Mistress enters me the slave start to fuck my mouth with her strap on. I realise that I am being ‘spit roast’. They only stop when they are ready to change places and Mistress Tanya puts on an even larger dildo in her harness. Which I am made to lick and suck even though I am straight. Mistress Tanya then fucks me with this larger dildo, making me beg for her to do it faster/harder.

I never knew that I could take anything this length in me! Mistress Tanya then tells me that she may take me out like this and make me work for her as her whore. This seriously worries me as I think she may not be joking! When they had finished amusing themselves by making me their total slut bitch I was released from the bench and made to pay lip service to both of their shoes and toes after which I was made to lie face up on the floor.

They both then emptied their bladders into my mouth. I knew that I had to swallow as much of their golden nectar as I could to prevent more torture. I was in fact being used as their communal pee toilet. Then as Mistress Tanya put her sweet ass over my mouth and I moved my tongue in the sweetest ass hole it has ever been my pleasure to taste I was allowed to cum. A truly memorable evening.

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